My name is Jared Lee  I’m 5th generation Florida cracker cowboy, father of 5 amazing children, and husband of one beautiful wife! I’m a Christian man who believes in the holy bible word for word and try’s to better myself each day!! I’ve been blessed to make a living traveling all over our country penning, working , catching cattle, and providing working cattle dogs to ranchers and farmers all over!  They call when the semi truck flips on the side of the highway and cattle scattered everywhere, I’m the guy they call when ya got wild cattle that ya can’t handle, I’m the man that catches the Uncatchable and handle some of the most dangerous animals on the planet! I’ve been stomped, hooked down, broken into pieces , never knowing what i will step into when I’m called in to do a job! As my wife teaches school and sits on the edge of her seat biting her nails as our 2 youngest kids and I set out to go conquer the unconquerable with our unbelievable hangin tree Cowdogs!! Get ready to be in awe , get ready to fall in love with our family and a life of nonstop action and our top of the line hangin tree Cowdogs!!! 


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Psalms 94:16 who will rise up for me against the evildoers?